So, apparently, Sony asked to make changes to the price of salt and sacrifice on other platforms

auf! The bad press keeps coming up, and while we can kind of understand this if we look back, Sony will be found guilty in the all-important court of public opinion. According to a report by Tech RaptorIndie Souls-like game price Salt and sacrifice It increased dramatically on the Epic Games Store in a number of different countries – all because PlayStation was so fond that Ska Studios was selling it cheaper than those in PS . Store.

From what we can infer, Sony has a deal with the game that resulted in an exclusive release for its console. The catch is that Ska Studios set the price individually for each country on the Epic Games Store, which means it’s cheaper in some places than others. Shane Lynch, co-owner of the company, explained that his company “can’t really control individual prices on Sony, so some of them had to go up or down” on the Epic Games Store due to contractual obligations and parity claims.

For the UK, that’s good news – it actually dropped from £15.99 to £12.99. But for many other countries, such as Brazil, the price has gone up sharply – we are talking about an increase from R$37.99 to R$104.90. That’s a 276 percent jump! It’s a similar story in Turkey, where the title went from 33 to 153 yen. This makes the price more consistent in different different countries, but obviously does not take into account differences in profits et al.

As we said at the top of the article, we understand how it came about: Ska Studios apparently signed a deal with Sony and cannot be seen as giving other platforms or storefronts a better deal as a result. We might argue, however, that the onus should be on PlayStation to offer better regional pricing flexibility on the PS Store – and to be honest, in a period dominated by bad press, the company could do without negative PR, couldn’t he – she?

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