Snow falls in Yekaterinburg. This angered the mayor

Residents of Yekaterinburg, 1,700 kilometers east of Moscow, have been secretly building giant phalluses of ice in the city for days.

Yekaterinburg’s mayor, Alexei Orlov, called the fashion a “disgrace,” while Alexei Bubnov, the city’s deputy head of urban landscape, called on police to crack down on the snow penises, independent website Medusa reported on Saturday.

According to local media, the fashion for unusual snowmen began with October snow and a sculpture created by someone in a representative place: the square where the Opera and Ballet Theater and the Ural State University are located. Municipal employees had to use a tractor to clear the work. Since then, new penises have sprung up all over town.

Dissolution of sculptures

Orlov announced that city staff will remove the sculptures, but he declined to elaborate on the situation.

Nothing to comment here. It’s a shame

– he declared.

Pabno called the new trend “provocative” and suggested that creators could face administrative charges if people feel offended. He asked the public to send in photos of the ice penises. Services make it easy to remove them.

On November 3, Yekaterinburg residents were called on to stop creating the images. At the time of publication, the petition had 17 signatures, Medusa said.


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