SNL mocks Jim Jordan, House Republican, in public


“Saturday Night Live” mocked the chaos in the House, mocking the failed Republican candidate for speaker, Rep. Jim Jordan, his fringe allies Reps. George Santos and Lauren Boebert and the party’s de facto leader, former President Donald Trump, as the cold show played off lawmakers’ impotence. To elect a new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Mickey Day portrayed Jordan, who on Friday lost a secret vote to remain the GOP’s nominee for speaker after failing on the third ballot.

“No, I didn’t win, honey,” says Day, who plays Ohio governor, speaking in his office. “No, not this time either. It’s okay. I feel good.” After completing the call, he breaks the receiver into two halves.

“Some of us are here to actually serve the American people,” Day says. “All I want to do is get Congress back up and running so I can shut it down again.”

An assistant, portrayed by Heidi Gardner, enters his office to bring him a new phone and introduces him to Santos, played by Bowen Yang, who has come with a child to offer his support.

“Jorge Santos? Why do you have a child?” Nahar asks

“No one seems to know,” Yang replied before handing the baby to Gardner, telling her to “just put him in the Uber.”

Yang then offers his condolences to Day, telling him: “I want you to know that I voted for you, and for you to get this, and so did Shoshana Loggins.” And he answers any day: “Who is this?”

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“Me too,” quipped the lying legislator of Day, who has an alleged penchant for identity fraud.

Day then asks if he should try to run for speaker again. “Well, look, I’d be lying if I said yes,” Yang says. “So, yeah,” he then gets a call that he says is from Tupac, replying, “Girl, I know. Jada’s crazy.”

Boebert, portrayed by Chloe Fineman, is then called into Jordan’s office to talk about his failed tryst while being groped in the theater.

The editorial sketch also mocked Lauren Boebert’s groping scandal.

“Are you somewhere?” Day asks, and she replies: “Yes. I will go. I’m in the theater watching Aladdin.

Finally, Day is visited by former President Donald Trump, played by James Austin Johnson, who enters calling out: “Oh my God, is this a loser’s office?”

“She endorsed me and then I kind of disappeared,” Day answers.

Mickey Day played Rep. Jim Jordan, who on Friday lost a secret ballot to remain the GOP nominee for speaker after failing in the third vote.

“Yes, well, that’s because I’d rather the Jordanians win, okay?” Johnson said. “Like the great Michael Jordan or even the greatest Jordin Sparks. ‘There’s No Air,’ remember that? Now that was a song. Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe without air. You can’t. You can’t do that.”

Johnson then boasts that people say he’ll be a great speaker, as he alludes to Trump’s 91 impeachment charges.

“Unfortunately, I will be very busy campaigning, traveling from city to city, and visiting the beautiful courthouses,” he said. “But I do great things for the courts. Great things for the courts.”

Day begins to vent, telling Johnson: “You did exactly what you were going to do. Intimidation. Threats. Why didn’t it work?”

Johnson simply responds, “Well, because frankly you’re not me, okay? You’re not fun, I’m fun.”

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The second episode of the season was hosted by SNL rapper and singer Bad Bunny, who doubled as musical guest.

Stand-up comedian Nate Bargatze is set to host next week’s episode with musical guest Foo Fighters.

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