Small drone vs tank, there can only be one outcome. A blow to the Russians – o2

At the beginning of the war, they had to be on their guard, because they were repeatedly kidnapped by treacherous Ukrainian tractors. And then it got worse. It is not that the enemy tries to shoot them and destroy them at all costs. The thing is, he did it in so many elaborate ways that it’s hard to predict them all.

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It was hard to save yourself, wasn’t it? Russian tanks did not have an easy life on the front. Because, in fact, they are delicate and sensitive machines, especially for air strikes. There are a lot of them during the fights, the drone fighters hunt the heavy machines with great enthusiasm. They have destroyed 4,436 Russian tanks so far. They still can’t get enough.

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Recording from the front row – everything happened in the vicinity of the town of Uro┼╝ajne, recently won by ZSU – We see how two combat drones attack the Russian T-90M tank, the pride of Vladimir Putin’s army. The attack was carried out by soldiers of a platoon of the Presidential Brigade. Hetman Boden Cmielnicki.

The unequal fight is overtank and this time he had no chance.

Yet the T-90M weighs just 50 tons, and the drone is slightly larger and heavier. A piece of bread (of course we’re not including the weight of the missile attached to the UAV). Well, mass doesn’t matter on the battlefield, does it?

Ukraine’s armed forces hunt down valuable enemy installations. Ukraine is estimated to have trained up to 10,000 people Operators of reconnaissance and combat drones, which can effectively search the battlefield and eliminate Russian equipment. Every such action is very important, it facilitates the work of the units and saves the lives of the soldiers.

The Russians suffered the most in that they had already lost nearly 4,500 tanks., but it was also appreciated in Moscow that many of them were modern T-90Ms. These are the best machines the Russian army has today.

On the battlefield, however, the tanks produced in Nizhny Tagil and Chelyabinsk are mocked mercilessly. By the armed forces of Ukraine who destroy one after another. Essentially, such a tank can cost up to $4.5 million.

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