Slovakia. Avalanche in Tatra Mountains. Two Polish climbers died

The avalanche carried three poles. Two of them could not be saved

An avalanche in the Slovak Tatra Mountains has kidnapped three Polish climbers. Two of them could not be saved – rescuers from Harska Zagranna Servis (HZS) were informed.

The avalanche descended on Sunday evening in the Starołesna Valley between the first and second Groza snowfalls. The element kidnapped three climbers from Poland.

Avalanche in Tatra Mountains. Two climbers died

One of the men managed to get out from under the piles of snow. Unable to locate his colleagues, he called rescue workers for help.

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“Rescuers reached the avalanche site with snowmobiles and immediately started searching the avalanche site. With the help of avalanche detection equipment, both climbers were found and then they were dug out, but unfortunately they died,” Slovak HZS rescue team. reported.

The remaining pole was brought to Stary Smokovec at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. The bodies of the two victims of the avalanche were carried down.

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According to Slovak rescuers, they are experienced climbers.


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