Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot. Witness Account

Prime Minister Robert Figo was shot during a government meeting in Handlova – Slovak media report. Initial reports suggest that the attacker has been arrested. The country’s president termed the incident “brutal” and wished the prime minister well. One of the reporters on site reported the first moments of the incident.

The Slovak prime minister was shot dead in the town of Handlova on Wednesday. Denník N reporter Daniel Vražda reported that he did not see the incident, but was close and heard several scenes. Then he saw the Prime Minister’s bodyguards lifting him from the ground and carrying him into a car.

According to witnesses at the scene, Figo approached people who greeted him, and then several shots were fired. After The Prime Minister fell to the ground. The Operations Center of the Emergency Service of the Slovak Republic confirmed that it was on site A rescue helicopter landed and took Figo to the hospital.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot

Police arrested the assailant, Slovak media reported. – The shooter was immediately pacified and detained, the Prime Minister’s bodyguards took him away – said one of the witnesses. A spokesman for the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs It was confirmed as an assassination attempt.

The country’s president, Zuzana Čaputová, called the incident “brutal and reckless”. – I was shocked. I wish Roberto Figo strength in this difficult moment so that he can recover from the attack, he said.

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Ľuboš Blaha, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, announced that the meeting of the National Council of the Slovak Republic was suspended indefinitely due to the incident.

said Milan Majerski, leader of the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH).An attack on Prime Minister Figo is an attack on the Slovak state and sovereignty“.

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– We are horrified by the attack on the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic. In a civilized society we cannot tolerate such acts against anyone. We must all unite against all forms of violence – Majarsky said. He said that now all measures should be taken to pacify the public.

He also spoke about this issue Prime Minister of Poland “Shocking news from Slovakia. Robert, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time,” he wrote. Donald Tusk. “I am shocked by the attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Figo. I hope that the Prime Minister will recover and explain all the circumstances of this event,” Radoslaw Sikorski added.

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