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Lakes in Alaska are covered with glassy ice. This phenomenon occurs when the beginning of winter is very cold, but dry. It encouraged residents of nearby Anchorage to ski and sled on the frozen surface.

In late October, residents of Anchorage, Alaska were treated to an unusual sight. Some of the nearby lakes froze in an unusual way – the ice was actually completely transparent, so the rocks covering the bottom of the reservoirs were visible through its thick layer. Some of the lakes, including Rabbit Lake east of town, were good for skating.

“Ice Window”

As rescue instructor Luke Mehl, who specializes in broken ice operations, told Reuters, the “ice window” effect appears no more than once a decade. This happens when the first frost is particularly severe, but the weather is snow-free and dry.

– Usually these lakes are covered with ice before the water freezes. I’ve been skating here for about 12 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. These are very unusual conditions, he said.

Mehl’s video shows people skating on a frozen and translucent lake. The instructor agreed that the sight of the bottom, completely devoid of vegetation and completely clean, was fascinating. However, before anyone sets foot on a frozen surface, it is important to check that it is safe to drive on it.

– We test the strength of the ice before stepping on it. I walked around the entire perimeter of the lake, checked the strength, and the thickness was at least 10 centimeters in each place. This means the ice is stronger and more skiable, Mehl explained.

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Main photo source: Reuters/Luke Mehl

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