Simovsky lost to Kania, who had previously threatened the professor. Rahnama

Leszek Szymowski, posing as a journalist of “Angora” weekly magazine, Prof. Mansoor Rahnama, National Consultant in Dental Surgery. He wanted to compel admission of a person who did not pass the professional examination. This person paid nearly 25,000 into Simovsky’s account. Zloty. Szymowski threatened the professor to release materials from the National Archives testifying to his cooperation with the Security Service. In January, the bully received the final sentence. In addition, Shimovsky lost a trial with Dorota Kania, whom he tried to defame with false accusations.

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The whole thing started on August 3, 2020, Shimovsky said. Rahnam with a meeting proposal. In an email to him, she wrote that she had information about “surprising circumstances about him” that “put him in a different light”. He suggested that the resources of the National Institute of Remembrance contain materials that demonstrate the professor’s cooperation with the Security Service. He also claimed that Rahnama obtained his PhD using a work written by someone else.

Two days later, Prof. Rahnama met the blackmailer. During the meeting, Simovsky learned that the allegations against the professor were untrue. He also revealed the true purpose of his actions. Professor Maciej Michalak, a dentist, should be allowed to take the final professional exam, he said. Personally, this doctor is the brother of Marek Michalak, the former Ombudsman for Children’s Rights. Prof. Rahnama made a negative comment about allowing Dr. Maichalak. He felt that there were suspicions of irregularities and falsification of documents in the internship department during his internship. During the conversation, Szymowski did not hide the fact that he was conducted by Maciej Michalak.

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The blackmailed doctor did not hesitate to file a complaint with the law enforcement authorities. Again a month later, on September 3, 2020, Shimowski contacted the doctor. He offered the professor a private meeting with Michalak, and urged the men to shake hands, and to issue a positive opinion allowing the national consultant dentist. Take the exam.

Prosecution’s investigation

The prosecutor’s office investigated whether the information blackmailed by Professor Simovsky was true. For this purpose, a query was conducted in the sources of the National Memorial Corporation. It turned out that Mansoor Rahnama was not only a collaborator of the security services, but – on the contrary – he was a person monitored by the communist services. During the People’s Republic of Poland, he came to Poland from Iran to study and the Security Service established a foreigner’s personal file on him. This is a standard security procedure for long-term residents of Poland or foreigners interested in the secret services of the People’s Republic of Poland. Suffice it to say that the secret police even created such private files for Mick Jagger in connection with a Rolling Stones concert in the People’s Republic of Poland. Greek musician Manamu Milo Kurtis was similarly under observation. As with these well-known musicians, Rahnam’s file does not include any cooperation with the secret services of the People’s Republic of Poland.

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It was similar to other information Simovsky used to blackmail the respected doctor. However, the lawyer confirmed that it was absolutely correct not to allow the National Counselor Maciej Michalak to participate in the final examination. While trying to get admitted to the exam, it was found that he had falsified a false statement on the special training cards, misled the person filling the documents, and overestimated the number of internships. However, the prosecutor’s office decided that these actions caused minimal social harm and refrained from filing an indictment against the dentist. During the trial, Maciej Michalak confirmed his acquaintance with Leszek Szymowski. Shimowski said his brother was not allowed to take the dentist exam because of a public office. At the same time, he said that Szymowski did not provide any material benefits.

Payment from company account

However, an analysis of the Maestri Dental account, where Michalak sits, on behalf of Simovsky’s firm (Astra Capital Lech [takie imiÄ™ ma on w dokumentach] Szymowski) on July 7, 2020, the amount of PLN 24,600 was transferred. An invoice for this service was found during the search. It was awarded for “consultancy services in the field of commercial security”. The evidence collected does not suspect that a crime has been committed. Simovsky was charged. He pleaded not guilty and declined to comment. However, he pleaded guilty in court and voluntarily filed a petition to impose fine and pay additional fees to the professor. Rahnam. Although the judgment became final on January 28 this year, Simowski has yet to pay any fines or interest. He still claims to be a journalist for Angora Weekly. It was at this stage that he signed the call for boycott of TVP made by OKO Press. It is worth noting that Shimovsky lost a trial with the famous journalist Dorota Kania, who was defamed by accusations of cooperation with the secret services.

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Leszek Szymowski himself says he was not found guilty and a settlement was reached in a civil case in January.

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