Silent Hill: Ascension ‘Premiere’ trailer, weekly episodes streaming on PS5, PS4, Bravia TVs and some Xperia smartphones

Genvid has released the first official trailer and main artwork for its film Silent Hill: The RiseIt also announced its partnership with Sony Picture Entertainment to broadcast weekly compilation episodes of storylines that resonated with the audience on Sony Pictures Core PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 application, Pravya Core App for Bravia TVs, and Pravia Core Ericsson Application on selected Xperia smartphones.

“We are excited to introduce the Johansson and Hernandez families to silent hill Genvid Interactive series creator and creative director Stefan Bugaj said in a press release. “As they delve deeper into their horrors, and their cities simultaneously consumed by mass hysteria, these two families will reveal strange connections between them despite being worlds apart.”

Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid, added: “There has never been an experience like this before Silent Hill: The Rise before. It’s not a game, but an interactive streaming series that will change as the audience makes decisions together. While I’m executive producing the title, I don’t know how it will turn out. This is in your hands. The content you create will be broadcast around the world on TVs and phones, through our relationships with Sony Pictures, Google, Apple and others. Participate in Silent Hill: The Rise Every day means you will be a part of history that will never come again.

“We’re exploring all new territories with… Silent Hill: The Rise. Through this unique project with Genvid, we are pleased to offer viewers on Sony devices a weekly follow-up of events Silent Hill: The Rise With full episodes of collected scenes from this innovative interactive series.

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Here’s an overview of the series via Genvid:

Silent Hill: The Rise is a mind-bending interactive streaming series that follows the complex lives of two families in danger, linked by a series of unnerving visions and terrifying monsters that chase them to the brink of damnation.

Viewers will be transported to a troubled Pennsylvania town called Hope’s Junction, as it rebuilds itself after a fatal accident at a steel mill devastates its economy. Another death rocks the community, and Rachel Hernandez is held responsible. Halfway around the world, in a dying fishing village in Norway called Stilldalen, the Johansen family’s uneasy peace is turned upside down when their mother, Ingrid, dies under suspicious circumstances.

Each character’s survival depends on overcoming their darkest impulses and traumatic pasts, as they confront their horrors and discover the mysterious ties that bind them. Will these characters find salvation, suffering, or damnation? You will decide their fate.

Silent Hill: The Rise will be launched for Desktop browseriOS via App StoreAnd Android via Google Apps On October 31st. The live world premiere will take place in 6:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM ET.

Watch the trailer below.

Premiere trailer

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