Sikorsky’s outrageous record of Smolensk. “They are cowards and professionals”

Former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MEP Radoslaw Sikorski, known for his controversial statements, commented on the actions of law and justice politicians. According to one of the PO leaders, Jarosław Kaczyński is using the April 10, 2010 tragedy for political purposes.

“Most PiS politicians are not stupid enough to believe in an attack. They are cowards and careerists,” wrote Sikorsky.


“If Kaczynski turns the lever tomorrow, they will immediately say that they always believe in an accident,” PO MEP added.

TVN24: Macierewicz hid evidence in Smolensk

Debate over the Smolensk disaster flared up again later RTVN24 TV station’s eportage attacked Antoni Macierewicz.

The subcommittee to investigate the Smolensk accident had the results of research contradicting the thesis of an explosion in the wing of the plane, and therefore – about the attack. Its boss, Antoni Masierevich, decided not to publish them in the final report, the material’s authors argue.

– Inconvenient evidence is silent or interpreted inconsistently with its content. For Smoleńsk, writing reports with a previously accepted thesis has been a standard from the beginning – believes Marek Dąbrowski, a former member of Antoni Macierewicz’s subcommittee.

“Scientists from NIAR, hired by the subcommittee, conducted a crash simulation, which showed that Birch could destroy the wing of the plane. This result was not included in the final report of the Smolensk subcommittee, because it contradicts the basic thesis – that Birch had no damage in the crash” – argue the authors of the material.

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