Shooting at a Texas mall. There are casualties

The shooting happened Saturday afternoon at the Allen Premium Outlets near Dallas, Texas. According to CNN, based on information provided by local authorities, at least nine people were injured in the incident and are currently hospitalized.

Police say the attacker acted alone. “The shooter is dead,” Congressman Keith Self told CNN.

A video circulating online shows the gunman getting out of his vehicle outside the mall and immediately starting shooting at people on the sidewalk.

Now the police have reached the spot. According to CNN, the attacker’s car is being searched.

Zainal Parvez came to the mall after his daughter told him that there had been a shooting. “We saw the police outside the entrance and they told us we can’t come in because they’re still looking for the culprit. There are no safe places anymore. I don’t know what to do,” the man told CNN.

Source: CNN

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