She’s going to get stoned. A gruesome discovery the day before the execution – o2

According to the Daily Mirror, Salima and Sirajuddin – a 24-year-old unmarried couple – finally left their homes to get married. However some were caught by the Afghan Taliban, who shot the young man dead and arrested the woman.

She fell in love and ran away from home. She was sentenced to death

Salima was accused of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. The 24-year-old was due to be sentenced on Friday, October 14, but was ultimately not executed. The day before the scheduled date, the girl was found dead.

The Daily Mirror, citing reports from “three local sources”, offers a version that Salima must have hanged herself.. The funeral of the 24-year-old took place the following day. The British newspaper’s reports were also confirmed by Abolbid Ghor Badri, a spokesman for the police chief of Ghor, a province in central Afghanistan.

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Also, Apolpita Ghor Badri convinces the public that Salima is not going to be stoned to death. According to a statement from a Taliban spokesman, the 24-year-old was released on bail and committed suicide at his brother’s apartment. He also denied that his accomplice Sirajuddin was framed.

Security forces tried to stop Sirajuddin from escaping at night, but he was attacked by mistake as it was dark, argued Abolpit Ghor Badri in an interview to “Rukshana Media”.

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