She went on an internet date. Now he warns other women – o2

Vanessa shared her failed dating story with her 23,000 followers. Followers on TikTok. He admitted that he had been texting with someone on a dating app for some time and the conversation was going well. So, whenever the question about the meeting is asked, Vanessa answers enthusiastically.

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The man sent her the address he had chosen for the first date. Vanessa didn’t check on him either, she went to the scene. And there she found… McDonald’s. She gently made it clear that she was not happy to choose such a “restaurant”.

The woman joked that the meeting brought her a Diet Coke. Vanessa’s story has already been viewed nearly 332,000 times. method. Many people agree that modern dating is not an easy task.

Many commenters joked that videos like Vanessa’s are the reason they don’t install dating apps.

Others pointed out that, for them, McDonald’s on a first date is not a bad thing. Also, it can be a kind of “test” to see if a girl wants to date someone because she loves them, but not because of what the date will offer her.

Think a first date at a fast food restaurant is a good idea?

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