“She wanted to do it the second day she married Putin.” Billionaire reveals – o2

Pougatcheff gave an interview to the portal Gordon.ua. In it, he said that he knew Putin’s ex-wife well and that she had told him several times about the peculiarities of the Russian president. For example, he recalled that in 2006, while walking in the Kremlin, Putin approached an unknown boy, pulled his T-shirt and kissed him on the stomach.

Different flavors of mint

Putin and Lyudmila married in 1983. The spouses were not compatible from the beginning, according to Pougatseff.

The only thing I will say is that Lyudmila wanted to get away from him on the second day after the wedding. She told me it was a massacre. [Putin] He is indeed a strange person in his personal life – said the businessman.

Putin’s wife has never spoken openly about the beginning of their relationship. However, in 2000, he gave an interview in which Putin frankly stated that “it was not love at first sight.” She admitted that throughout her life he arranged various “tests” for her, to see if she would overcome the next challenge, and shortly before the wedding, the Russian leader conducted a “trust test” for his future wife.

“We will always be close to each other”

Officially, Putin’s marriage lasted 30 years. With Putin, Lyudmila has two daughters – Masha (born 1985) and Katia (born 1986). On June 6, 2013, the public learned about Putin’s divorce, and Lyudmila was erased from Vladimir’s biography on his official website.

M.The marriage ended because we were not seeing each other. Putin said then that Lyudmila and I will always be close.

There have been rumors of a relationship with Kabieva over the years

Putin has never acknowledged his relationship with Kabaeva, who currently serves as the head of the supervisory board of Russian media companies. – National Media Committee. Multiple reports suggest that the 38-year-old gymnast has given birth to at least two children for Putin.

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