She ordered a sandwich on the plane. She did not expect this – o2

A TikTok user with an account called Teganinsleyox showed him what happened during the flight to Marbella.. Although the photo in the Jet2 menu shows a full-size sandwich, passengers were only given a few slices of lettuce and a small piece of cheese instead.

The traveler showed what sandwich he had got

“Jet2 Please explain it to us” – we have already read the description of the post which has been shown over 2 million.

“We did not eat for five hours due to check-in and security checks. We were so hungry, we stuffed the chips in the bread” – explained the author of the video.

Comment by Internet Users and Spokesperson

In the comments, many shared their own experiences.

“I ordered a cheese and cucumber sandwich on the flight to Greece with Jet 2. There was a cheese and a small piece of cucumber inside. I’m still sad” – wrote one of the Internet users. “Once I got cheese and ham toast, it was a hot sandwich with a slice of cheese,” said another.

An airline spokesman also commented on the matterWho said he was investigating the incident through a sandwich supplier. “Our food on board continues to receive excellent feedback from customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience. We will take care of it,” the statement said.

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