She left the baby in the hot car. She thought she was home. The boy died

The tragedy happened on June 20 near Houston. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, who is handling the case, told Fox News the boy had died while the family was preparing to celebrate his 8-year-old sister’s birthday. The siblings in their mother’s care were at the store to buy some supplies for the party, and when they returned home, the mother thought the son and daughter had left the car by themselves.

The woman realized The boy was left in a hot car, A few hours later. Earlier, she had firmly believed that the 5-year-old child was at home, but after a while she noticed that he was not in any room.

Sheriff et Gonzalez said the boy’s mother tried him To updateWhen she failed, she called an ambulance.

When the toddler was found, he was still strapped to his seat belt and the temperature in the car was over 37 degrees Celsius. The woman argued. Investigators, That the son was able to split himself and open the car.

Source: Fox News, “The Washington Post”

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