Sharks in Spain. One of the fastest species

A record published online shows that the shark found off the coast of the Spanish province was an Atlantic coot. Considered one of these animals Fastest of sharks.

Catalan radio station RAC1 reminds us that a shark does just that in the Mediterranean The species was last seen a decade ago. Meanwhile, three specimens of it were spotted last week off the coast of Barcelona province.

On Monday, Bucharest television TG24 interviewed biologists about the sighting on the Spanish coast, as tourists from Romania saw sharks resting on Barcelona’s beaches.

Biologist Adrian Bilba, quoted by the station, believes so Every year the presence of sharks in the Mediterranean becomes more and more common As these animals search for new feeding grounds. He also said that intense human presence in the oceans created human activities “It no longer scares the sharks, instead it intrigues them.”

As of 2020, a high presence of sharks has been confirmed by biologists from Portugal. These animals were especially found on the southern coast of this country.

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