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According to the Daily Mail, Shakira could face up to 8 years in prison. The singer allegedly evaded taxes in 2012-2014 – during which time she lived in Barcelona.

Shakira Attacks Spanish Government It blames him

Four months ago, the Spanish prosecutor’s office requested an increase in the sentence Shakira could receive. The singer is owed £12 million thanks to the alleged fraud.

Shakira has decided to publicly respond to the allegations against her. To this end, the singer issued an official statement in which she accused the Spanish Treasury of using unacceptable methods and being harassed.

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They used unacceptable means to tarnish my reputation and forced me to compromise.

The artist’s Colombian spokesperson also addressed the allegations. He alleged that representatives of the Spanish authorities had falsely accused the singer of lying about living in Spain during the years of the alleged fraud.

Before Shakira registered as a tax resident in Spain, she was previously one in the Bahamas. In the case of First Nations, such persons can only be considered after meeting the condition of spending more than 183 days in the country in a calendar year.

During the investigation, Spanish investigators, among other things, analyze Shakira’s social networks. They also visited the singer’s favorite hairdressers to make sure she was living in Spain during the period they indicated.

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