Sex should last longer. “Even 50 percent of men don't last long”

The right ratio? This opinion varies from person to person. Yet studies have been conducted to determine how long “best” sex should last. The results of these studies show that the average duration of intercourse is shorter than you might think.

Dr. Sonya Maya, a Philadelphia-based sex therapist, set out to determine the optimal length of sex. On the TikTok platform, he shared his observations, which surprised his followers. The results of the research conducted by the sexologists were more than surprising to them.

How long should sex last? Short doesn't mean bad

Dr. Sonia Maya believes that it usually takes only a few minutes for men to ejaculate. According to the therapist, from an evolutionary perspective, shorter intercourse and earlier erections are beneficial because they help sperm spread more effectively. Although many men fear “premature ejaculation”, if it happens within five minutes, it is completely normal.

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– Dr. Maya explained that the true definition of premature ejaculation is that it occurs within a minute or less.

The sex therapist also says that premature ejaculation occurs only when it cannot be delayed and controlled. Such ejaculation, for example, can be caused by stress.

How long does perfect sex last? Conducted research

Clarissa Gurrer, a nurse from Texas, also decided to discuss climax. In her TikTok video, she emphasized that each of us is different and that short sex is normal for some people.

– Some couples say that their intercourse lasts an hour or more, but neither of them reaches climax. In fact, up to 50 percent of men can't last more than two minutes, Guerre noted.

Medical experts believe that many people believe that intercourse should last as long as possible. Talking about the actual timing of sex can help reduce the pressure on your partner and make your intimate life more satisfying.

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