Seven journalists were injured in an Israeli bombing of Gaza

Journalists injured in Gaza

(AP Photo/Fathima Shabir)

Seven journalists were among the wounded after Israeli forces bombed a refugee camp in Gaza. CNN reported on Friday.

Among the wounded was a photographer Sami ShehadehWho works for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation TRT as a photographer. Shehadeh lost his leg in the raid on the Nuseirat refugee camp.

CNN Stringer Muhammad Al-Sawalhi He was also injured in the attack. He was injured in the hand by shrapnel.

Shehadeh claimed that he and other civilians were deliberately targeted in a video clip filmed after his leg was amputated.

“We were filming in a safe place, and I was wearing my bulletproof vest and my helmet – even the car I was in had a ‘Press’ sign and ‘TV’ on it. It was clear that I was a civilian and a journalist. We were being targeted.”

The TRT statement also referred to the “deliberate” attack on media professionals.

CNN reported that footage from the scene showed men, women and children running to hide at the sound of artillery fire. The seven journalists and an elderly man named Saleh, who was running for cover, were eventually injured in the raid.

A video clip posted by TRT on Twitter showed Shehadeh talking about the raid.

News of the injured journalists comes in the wake of an Israeli raid that killed seven aid workers in Gaza.

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