Serious “territorial losses” for Ukraine? Media: Cave buys time

According to these estimates, Ukraine is not expected to be able to “regain momentum” in the coming years, especially until 2024. By the end of this year Ukraine will suffer territorial losses “may be much higher. “than occurred since January.

The intelligence report indicated that Russian forces were using their artillery “significantly” more than Ukrainian forces, and that the Russians were able to “greatly” offset their losses. On the other hand, Kiev failed to raise enough new troops to “cover losses and build reserves”. The new mobilization rules “will only take effect at the end of the summer” because newly recruited players must first train.

Continuation of the material below the video

Ukraine’s “defensive posture”.

Ukraine’s future territorial losses are directly related to its current “defensive posture and related delayed actions.” Kiev is currently “giving up space and buying time” in the hope that it will have “time to mobilize and rebuild the military-industrial complex”.

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