Serbian activist Srdzia Popović says jokes and memes about Vladimir Putin are more dangerous than calling him a war criminal.

Colorado College lecturer and Serbian activist Srdzia Popović, nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, believes that jokes and memes about Vladimir Putin are more dangerous than calling him a war criminal.

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– Memes and jokes mocking Putin remove the illusion of strength that gives him power. They hurt him a lot – Assessed by the Director of the Canvas organization dealing with promotion of protests using peaceful methods.

Dictators need to appear powerful to stay in power. It’s hard for them to give that impression when they threaten to take Kiev and be attacked by the Ukrainian military. Or when they chase anyone walking around with an inappropriate banner,” Popovic told Radio Free Europe.

Emphasizing the role of humor in the struggle against dictatorship, the activist pointed out “Humor becomes an important tool in these activities”. – In the 21st century, people communicate more and more through short posts on the Internet, not just public meetings or posters. He noted that if a video is funny, it attracts more attention.

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At the same time, Popovic emphasized the role of creativity in struggles against repressive governments.

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According to our research, creative activity increases the chance of success by 10 percent, which is a lot said the Serbian activist. – The more creative you are, the more you think about how your opponent will react, the more likely you are to bring about change; Regardless of where and what you are fighting for – noted the interlocutor of Radio Free Europe.

The Colorado College lecturer estimated that the Russian regime’s paranoia has increased over the past year, and the support the Kremlin may have enjoyed before its invasion of Ukraine has declined. “Nowadays in Russia, people complain about people who write jokes or something on Facebook. This clearly indicates that the regime’s parochialism has increased and support has decreased He pointed out.

At the moment, I don’t see the social energy to overthrow the regime in Russia. It has been dying for the last 15 years. This is a great loss for Russian society, which is in shock and fear, and a large part of it has already left Russia. It is difficult to predict Russia now Popovic concluded.

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