Sega says the future of gaming includes NFTS and live streaming

Screenshot of the horrible original live Sonic game looks amazing.

screenshot: Sega / Paramount / Kotaku

sound, Like some other great videos Game publishersSega is also interested in adding NFTs to future games as revealed in an interview with several executives and producers. During the same interview, Sega talked more about its “Super Game” projects, emphasizing that they will be more than a game and that some of them may include live streaming and cloud gaming.

The interview was published last month On Sega’s career and career site but Recently Monitored & Translated VGC. In the interview, several Sega producers and executives shared more details about the “SuperGame” initiative, which the company mysteriously revealed for the first time late last years. It appears that NFTs may be involved.

According to Sega executive VP Shuji Utsumi, Super Game refers to more than one game, and will be the kind of banner under which some future releases will be developed. According to Utsumi, “SuperGames” will be “AAA titles that transcend SEGA’s comprehensive suite of technologies” and will be part of a larger five-year plan.

According to Utsumi, “many titles” are being developed within this Super Game “framework” although each title may be very different from the other. He explained that all of them will be “interactive titles that go beyond the traditional framework of games”. Sega execs have pointed to the rise of broadcasting and people watching people play games on Twitch as examples of how gaming has changed in recent years.

“I think there is great potential in the relationship between people who play and watch matches,” Utsumi added. “We are considering creating new entertainment within these possibilities.”


picture: Sega

And yes, it seems that some of these “super games” can appear NFTsAs explained by Sega Producer Masayoshi Kikuchi during part of the interview.

“Games have a history of expanding through contact between different cultures and technologies,” Kikuchi said. “For example, social networking and watching video games are recent examples.

“It is a natural extension of the future of gaming that it will expand to new areas such as cloud gaming and NFTs. We are also developing SuperGame from the perspective of how different games relate to each other.”

Again, we have another example of a company you’re talking about NFTs In vague phrases that amount to no more than “Wow, that might be neat” or “Who knows!? One day…”.

Kotaku I contacted Sega about comments about NFT and cloud gaming.

Many consider NFT/Blockchain technology to be a giant scam, filled with scam candidates and artists looking to make a quick buck before the bubble bursts.. There are also issues with how blockchain technology can lead to more electronic waste as well as speed up global warming, waste electricity and make it difficult for people to find and buy certain parts of a computer, such as graphics processing units (GPUs).

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We have already seen examples of companies, like Ubisofttry and then quickly They failed to integrate NFTs into their current games. Likewise, even the so-called success stories tend to come to an end Huge losses and embarrassing mistakes.

Recent example: A hacker has exhausted more than 600 million of Axi Infinity due to security abuse. However, because there is money to be made, big game companies will keep moving forwardAnd Even blaming their fans For not getting NFTs, While continuing to ignore all criticism and backlash Basim Make a few quick bucks. Poor Sonic, you deserve better than this.


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