Seeing light from the cosmic web that connects galaxies for the first time (video)

Astronomers announced on Thursday (September 28) that they have captured for the first time the faint glow of the largest structure in the universe known as “The cosmic web“, a network of threads that connect galaxies across the universe. Images like these reveal valuable information about how galaxies form and evolve, and can also help track the location of the elusive dark matter that makes up about 80% of the mass of the universe. .

In 2014, astronomers Imaging the cosmic web For the first time using radiation from distant quasars, distant objects powered by black holes a billion times larger than our Sun that are believed to be the brightest objects in the universe. In 2019, other imaging efforts received help from young star-forming galaxies Illuminating the surrounding cosmic web. Now, astronomers have imaged its light directly in the darkest depths of space, between 10 billion and 12 billion light-years away.

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