Scholes says Germany is a leader in supplying arms to Ukraine. He completely ignored Poland

According to the Investigate Europe portal, Germany sold Russia in 2015-20, for a total of UR 121.8 million, including icebreakers, small arms and vehicles. When the war broke out, they showed a certain attitude from the beginning, compared to other European countries. Speaking on the Bundestag, Volodymyr Zelensky did not leave out the bitter words. At the end of his speech, the MPs … rejected the proposal for a debate on the situation in Ukraine. In turn, the German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, expressed his concern about the attacks on people of Russian descent living in Germany in the wake of the war in Ukraine. Recently, relations between Ukraine and Germany have improved somewhat, but the attitude of our western neighbors is still on the lips of the audience.

There are constant allegations that Germany is helping too little considering Ukraine’s capabilities. Finally, Olaf Scholz referred to these studies. German Chancellor issues a surprise statement …

– The truth is, Germany is one of the most important military aides in Ukraine. No one offers as much as Germany. Only a few countries do as much as the United States, but Germany is one of the countries that makes the most of its capabilities.

Scholes replied.

Interestingly, He did not mention Poland, which is at the forefront of helping Ukraine, according to Forbes rankings..

Source: DW,

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