Savvy PS5 and PS4 users store on PS Now Subs to convert to PS Plus Premium

Smart PlayStation 5 and PS4 owners are here store on PS now Memberships To save big money when starting the service PS Plus In June 2022. PS Now subscribers It will be automatically upgraded to PS Plus Premium Members when the change occurs, with the top tier costing £99.99 / $119.99. However, there is a loophole in PS webstore It allows users to claim a one-year PS Now membership at the standard price of £49.99 / $59.99, which is half the cost of PS Plus Premium. Users then store subscriptions for one year to save money in the long run.

spotted by Wario 64 And then document it ResetThe posters revealed how their PS Now subscription will stack up to six years, meaning they’ll have PS Plus Premium for an extended period starting in June. What makes this important is that the standard PS Store on PS5 and PS4 only offers one-month trial versions of PS Now, so this loophole saves users a lot of money. PS Now subscription cards also have Removed from retail storessmash any way to get an annual membership through the usual channels.

To take advantage of this vulnerability on your own, you must be logged into the PlayStation Webstore with your regular PSN account. If you are from the United States, Click on this link. And if you’re from the UK, you can Use this link. You must do this through a computer and you must be logged into your account for the purchase to appear – otherwise you will be sent to a screen that simply reads “Not available for purchase”. If successful, a box will appear on the right side of your screen with a “Recurring Subscription Payment” tab for a 12-month PS Now subscription. Repeat this process as many times as you want to store years of PS Plus Premium.

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Will you take advantage of this vulnerability and store PS Plus Premium in the future? for further information , All three levels are shown through the link. As a quick reminder, the top tier includes PS3 game streaming and a back catalog of PS1, PS2 and PSP games. we Share with us your wishlist of included titles during the Weekend.

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