Samsung’s $3,500 Odyssey Ark gaming monitor is on sale now

Samsung’s Giant Odyssey Ark, $3,500 55-inch curved gaming monitor, is for sale today A few weeks after It is available for pre-orders. And — somewhat shockingly, given how games have been launching in the past few years — you might actually be able to pop into a store and buy one. Inventory check in Our best local buysmany of edge Staff found that stores had one or two models available for pickup today.

To be clear, I’m not saying that you should Spend a month or two on rent on a small LED gaming monitor the size of a decent TV. In fact, it’s a bit wrong that it could have been that easily – there was Nine months of hype Built around the Odyssey Ark since it debuted at CES 2022, it’s a great product that makes you feel like you need someone’s permission to get it. At the very least, your chiropractor should sign a note saying that you understand the risks of using a computer monitor that is able to fly right over you.

This may be you, but you are making reasonable and responsible financial decisions. right?
Photo: Samsung

With that said, I totally understand if you find yourself baffled as to how much you’ll get to sell your car and then try to figure out how you’ll undoubtedly get the huge Ark box. (The solution, by the way, is Just order it from amazon.) But maybe you’re trying to resist the void’s plea on this one, at least until we can review it properly – Samsung is similarly outrageous. 49 inch Odyssey G9 He has found a home in several editorial offices, but this takes things to a possibly unbearable level.

My colleague Cameron Faulkner did it Spend time with Odyssey Arkbut it will take more testing to determine if something this huge in terms of price and size is worth it for, say, Just buy an LG OLED TV and put it on your desk. However, none of these devices will come with Samsung’s Gaming Hub built in, which lets you connect to game streaming services like GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming without needing anything but your monitor and some kind of input hardware (although let’s be honest, it’s likely That anyone buying an Ark has a great gaming setup to go with).

There will be those who give in to temptation. In fact, Best Buy closest to me now says I have to wait until Saturday for in-store pickup for the Ark, although there was one available for pickup when I looked early this morning. That means someone in Spokane dropped $3,500, plus 8.9 percent sales tax, on this screen. They might even be fiddling with it as we speak. If you and you are reading this, please Get in touch with us and tell me what your thought process is and how the ship has handled you so far. (Also, do you want to go out? Yes, I’m only interested in seeing your screen, but I’ll get a pipeline pizza or something to make up for it for you.)

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