Samsung Galaxy S21 gets One UI 6.1 update in the USA

Last week, Samsung released the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S21 in South Korea and Europe. Now, the company has released the update for unlocked Galaxy S21 units in the US. Other regions could get the update in the next few days.

Unlocked Galaxy S21 units are getting One UI 6.1 update in the USA

Samsung’s latest version of One UI is now available for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra in the US. The update is available for factory unlocked units and comes with the firmware release G99xU1UEUAGXDE. This is a huge update so we recommend you download the update over Wi-Fi. The new software does not include the May 2024 security patch.

Galaxy S21 One UI 6.1 features

The One UI 6.1 update brings several new features, some of which are powered by Galaxy AI. These features include a search carousel, AI-powered image editing recommendations, copying objects from one image and pasting them to another, more accurate cropping of images, improved search in the Gallery app, and the ability to change the playback speed of certain parts of a video. You can start editing videos, export the editing file to another Galaxy device, and continue editing there.

You can decorate wallpapers, add new widgets to the lock screen, customize alarm notifications, add custom stickers to calendar entries, customize reminder alerts, and choose icons for reminder categories. One UI 6.1 allows you to turn off/on modes and routines from the home screen. You can rearrange modes and set new action conditions.

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The update also brings a new Quick Share feature, locating your devices from the dedicated Samsung Find app, sharing your location with others, and syncing Samsung Internet tab collections with other devices. Samsung Cloud offers improved data protection, while Samsung Wallet now supports passkeys.

If you want to upgrade from the Galaxy S21, look at the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+ in the video below. Both phones offer brighter displays, faster processing, better cameras, and longer battery life than the Galaxy S21.

In the Samsung Health app, you can compete with yourself by comparing your workout results with your previous records. You can get more daily goals, including hours active and floors climbed. Women can record their moods and physical symptoms while tracking their menstrual cycles in the Samsung Health app.

With One UI 6.1, microphone modes and video call effects are easier to access. The weather widget provides more information. You can open all widgets at once and enter text using voice without leaving the keyboard. There are more ways to protect your Galaxy S21 battery while charging. The Finder screen now shows matching results from the web via Google search. The update also adds the Google Messages app if it’s not there.

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