Ryan Gosling has a quibble about a certain scene in La La Land

La la land It received many Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. But star Ryan Gosling is still upset about a certain moment in the film.

in Video interview with The Wall Street JournalGosling opened up about his case.

“There's a moment that haunts me where we're dancing, Emma [Stone] He said: And I am. “I didn't know this would become the promotional poster for the movie.”

He explained that in the scene, Stone's hands were supposed to be in the air. He decided to have his hand flattened rather than pointing to the sky, though he was advised that “it wasn't cool.”

“Now when I look at it and I have to see it all the time, you know what could have been more adorable than this?” he said, recreating the way he held it in his hand. “Which [gesturing with his hand pointed up]”.

“He's just lazy,” he added. “I call it ‘La La Hand’.”

Gosling was informed by an interviewer that dancers refer to them as “hamburger hands.”

“It's something!” He said, adding that he thinks having a background in dance “will help with that.” La la land“.”

“Then, of course, 'Hamburger Hands Gosling' is here,” he joked. “It didn't help me at all in the end.”

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