Russia’s war with Ukraine. Day 829. Live coverage

German press about weapons in attacks on Russia

“Ukraine is like David fighting Goliath. President Volodymyr Zelensky once said this, and it’s a very apt comparison. Germany and other countries are now allowing Ukraine to attack targets in Russia with Western weapons. That’s right. “Because Ukraine near Kharkov is being attacked from very close range from Russian territory,” writes “Stuttgarter Zeitung”.

The Ukrainians defeated most of the enemy troops at Volsansk

German journalist Julian Röpke reported that the Ukrainians destroyed most of the Russian troops in Volsansk.

Ukraine’s critical infrastructure was damaged in the attacks

Yesterday evening, another attack using more than 50 different types of rockets and about 50 Shahed drones was carried out against the southern, central and western regions of Ukraine.

Seven people have already been injured in the night shelling of Khargou

The death toll from an overnight attack on an apartment building in Kharkov has risen to seven, local officials said.

Olena Zelenskaya: Our children need effective protection so they can sleep safely again

“At night, the enemy attacked the cities en masse: energy infrastructure and residential buildings where children stayed. On the morning of the International Children’s Day, the alarm sounded again across the country due to the missile threat. More than ever, our children need effective skills. Security so that they can sleep safely again,” said the first of Ukraine. Lady Olena Zelenskaya wrote on social media.

Ukrainian defenders shot down 35 Russian missiles and 46 drones overnight

Ukrainian Air Force The 53 missiles and 47 drones launched by Russia from Friday to Saturday included 30 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles, four Kalibr cruise missiles, one Iskander-K cruise missile and 46 Shahed-131 attack drones. Shot down / 136.

6 killed in Kharkov apartment attack

While searching a residential building damaged in the night attack, rescuers found 6 dead. 12 emergency medical units are still working at the site.

Operational Command of the Armed Forces: Aviation operations in Polish airspace ended

The operational command of the branches of the armed forces announced the end of Polish and allied aviation operations in Polish airspace. Mobilized forces and resources were returned to regular operational activities. Polish and allied aircraft were set off by Russia’s massive long-range missile attack on Ukraine. It covers the entire territory of this country, including the counties bordering Poland.

“It was a long, busy night for the entire air defense system in Poland (…) Attacks were carried out using cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles. Shahed and ballistic missiles launched from the Black Sea region,” the operational command wrote in a statement.

Heavy night attacks on Ukraine

At night, the enemy attacked energy facilities, including: Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions, said Ukrainian Minister of Energy, Herman Halushchenko.

ISW released new maps of military operations in Ukraine

Yesterday’s report on the events in Ukraine can be found here:

Ukrainian soldier

Russia’s war with Ukraine. Day 828

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