Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: More than 10,000 deaths Russian soldiers, entire troops taken prisoner

Between February 24 and March 5, more than 10,000 people died. Russian soldiers participating in the occupation of Ukraine – this is the result of the assessments of civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov said in a post on Facebook today that the Russians were losing military resources in Ukraine.

According to the staff Russia lost 269 tanks, 945 warplanes, 105 artillery systems, 50 multi-rocket missiles and 19 anti-aircraft defense systems.

Russian losses are also mentioned 39 aircraft, 40 helicopters, 409 cars, 2 boats, 60 tanks and 3 unmanned aerial vehicles.

Data updated. The press release also said that estimates have been made difficult due to the intensity of the war operations.

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Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov said in a post on Facebook today that the Russians were losing military resources in Ukraine. There will be a logistical breakdown, Resnikov predicts.

Thank you to our whole nation In two days, the Kremlin’s plans to subdue the Ukrainians, seize large cities, overthrow government officials and annex Ukraine to Russia failed.. Yes, the enemy is advancing in some direction, but controlling only small areas. Our guards chase away the invaders – Resnikov insisted.

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Reznikov expressed optimism, referring to the “slow pace of attack and resistance of the Ukrainians”. Russia is changing tactics.

Russian helicopter shot down by Ukrainians The picture is impressive

At this point, the Ukrainian sky is very dangerous. The invader uses his air and missile capabilities extensively and aggressively. All kinds of planes bomb the cities, towns and civilian infrastructure. Important infrastructure – The Minister pointed out.

The “big” army showed its true nature – a cowardly terrorist that can only attack civilians – Children, women, unarmed. (…) But I can say with confidence – The enemy will respond to every life and every tear – Announced by Resnikov.

Russia wants to send 1,000 mercenaries to Ukraine “This is a very rude approach”

Insisted More and more Russians are being imprisoned in Ukraine.

Not individual soldiers, but entire regiments. The bodies of thousands of their classmates (…) were abroad. Moscow did not approve of their deaths because they fed Putin cannon fodder and helped make his imperial dreams come true. (…) Again, the only way for a tenant to save his life is to surrender – Said the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Resnikov announced on Twitter To Ukraine 66,224 men have already returned from abroad to defend their country from Russian invasion.

“66,224 – Many men returned from abroad to defend their country against the mob. This is the 12 motivated war brigades! Ukrainians, we are invincible! – Written by the Ukrainian Defense Minister.

In Poland, almost 800 thousand. Refugees from Ukraine

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