Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Johnson: Ukraine is paying the price now

“If you look back at what happened when Putin seized Crimea (…) in 2014, we completely misunderstood his threat. European nations have returned to the point where they consider him part of society. Ukraine is now paying the price,” Johnson told the BBC. Said.

He emphasized the need to focus on climate change, and said that it was even more important now with Russia’s reliance on oil and gas. Johnson traveled to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to try to persuade their officials to increase production and fill the market gap if Russian oil is dropped, but they have not made any commitment.

He firmly believed that Putin had underestimated Ukraine’s opposition and that he could not win there. “Now Putin must realize that he can not win. He can not crush and occupy Ukraine because the Ukrainians have shown a determined attitude. So he must leave. He must finish this thing. He must withdraw his tanks. This is the solution that the UK supports. “

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