Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The Russian company provided the data and … quickly deleted it

The description of Russian state television in connection with the invasion of Ukraine was completely different from that of the Western media.. State media have reported that the situation in Ukraine is calm and that Russian state television presenters have repeatedly used Putin’s language about Ukraine.

So it is about the “current regime” or “the situation in the territory of Ukraine”. Commentators say that calling Ukraine a “territory” rather than a country or state is part of the Kremlin’s campaign to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty in the eyes of Russian public opinion.

Similarly, the state media did not provide information on the losses suffered by Russian troops in the Ukrainian front. According to Belarusian journalist Hannah Lyubakova, the exception was made by the state news agency TASS, which published an article showing that more than 3.5 thousand people have already been exempted. Russian soldiers were killed or captured. The article also listed the losses of Russian equipment.

This figure corresponds to the findings reported by the Ukrainian military. According to his data, Moscow has lost so far 14 aircraft, 8 helicopters, 102 tanks and 15 rifles. More than 3.5 thousand Russian soldiers were killed and nearly 200 captured.

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Thomas Wright, of Johns Hopkins University, points out that the agency’s website may have been hacked or faked. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several Russian government bases fell victim to hacking attacks. For example, the Kremlin’s website encounters idle time from time to time.

The Russian offensive is ongoing

The Russian news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying that all Russian units in Ukraine had been ordered to resume attacks from all directions.

“Mariupol is now under siege. Russian forces have occupied towns and villages near Volnovakha in the north.

Meanwhile, in Melidopol, in the Saporizhia region of southern Ukraine, city mayor Ivan Fedorov said Saturday that local authorities no longer have control over administrative buildings. In the last 24 hours, the situation at Melidopol has worsened and diet and medication problems have begun.

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