Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Donald Dusk criticized Great Britain. This is about refugees

“Unity in action. Great Britain issued 50 visas to Ukrainian refugees. In two weeks, Poland accepted 1.2 million Ukrainians.” We are as generous as we can be, we are very generous, “says Boris Johnson,” wrote Donald Tusk. The situation in Great Britain and Poland regarding the arrival of refugees from Ukraine.

War in Great Britain and Ukraine. Visa requirements will not be relaxed

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday rejected calls for further easing of visa requirements for Ukrainians fleeing the war, although Interior Ministry sources suggested otherwise.

Johnson said Britain was a “very generous country” but wanted to control who would come within its borders. “As far as what is happening in Ukraine, I think it makes sense to make sure we have some basic skills to check who is coming,” the British Prime Minister said.

War in Ukraine. The United Kingdom has issued 50 visas to refugees

On Sunday, the Interior Ministry was shocked to learn that about 50 visas have so far been issued to Ukrainian refugees using the visa route for those with relatives in Great Britain. At the same time, it is reported to have exceeded 5.5 thousand. Applications were submitted online and nearly 2,400 people met in person to submit applications.

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“The Sun” newspaper reported on Monday, citing sources in the Interior Ministry, that the head of the ministry, Prithvi Patel, was considering extending the possibility of accepting Ukrainian refugees beyond the two routes already announced. The first is for family members already legally residing in the UK, and the second is for humanitarian visas for Ukrainians with no family ties to the UK. Both will be eligible for the job and benefits, and will be exempt from the normal language and wage requirements provided by the prospective employer, even if they are subject to security checks.

Source: Twitter, BAP

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