Russians go to court over Nord Stream 2 blowout compensation

The case against Lloyds Insurance Company and Arch Insurance (EU) was filed in a court in London in February. According to case files, the gas pipeline explosion, which occurred under unclear circumstances, caused damage of 1.2-1.35 billion euros.

As Reuters reports, Nord Stream explains that These are the costs of “dewatering, stabilizing the pipeline, making necessary repairs, and replenishing lost gas.” He also has to pay 400 million euros in damages. However, the insurers refused to pay – the reasons for the refusal are unknown.

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Nord Stream confirmed that it has filed lawsuits against insurance companies that issue all-risk and excess all-risk policies. Lloyd declined to comment on the case, and Arch did not respond to questions from Reuters.

It is not known who was responsible for the blast

The Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines were severely damaged in September 2022 when they exploded in the maritime economic zones of Sweden and Denmark. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, although many blame each other for the blasts.

Danish police and the Danish PET secret service announced last month that they had dropped their investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. The reason given There is no legal basis for initiating criminal proceedings in Denmark. The Swedish prosecutor's office also closed its investigation in early February. German and Polish authorities are conducting parallel investigations into the Nord Stream sabotage.

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Nord Stream 1 transported gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 was supposed to play the same role, but after the threat of Russian aggression against Ukraine became real, it did not receive the necessary approval.

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