Russian women study because they dream of a rich husband. “I shouldn’t wear underwear”

For years, there were schools in Russia where people learned how to get and keep a rich husband. The most famous one was conducted by Alexander Kichev, author of the book: “How to become a VIP’s wife”. However, courses have replaced online meetings, which often turn into simple scams. Their prices start from a thousand zlotys and go up to several dozen.

Tatsiana, 29 years old, Omsk

– Two years ago, I felt tired and useless. I dreamed of a man who would take care of me. However, I don’t want a boyfriend who earns less than me. One day, I found a psychologist’s account on Instagram, which at that time had not yet been blocked. Profile: “I help every Cinderella find her prince.” I loved the posts about the importance of self-confidence, loving yourself, and the meetings with her were virtual and resonated with me. I have the impression that most of such psychologists live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and I cannot see them – the distance between me and Moscow is approximately 2.5 thousand. km

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