Russian-Ukrainian talks. Jeansky’s adviser: Russia is becoming more and more sensitive to our position News from around the world

Bodolyak stressed that “the negotiating team will not drop any point” in the proposals of the Ukrainian side. He added that Russia was “more and more sensitive to Ukraine’s position” and that talks between the states were beginning to be “constructive”.

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces has released a recording from a military training ground in Jவvre. According to initial data, about 30 ship missiles crashed there

The next round of talks between Ukraine and Russia will begin this week. Adviser to the President of Ukraine: he will not give up any point

Adviser to the President of Ukraine on Sunday Volodymyr Zhelensky According to Mikhail Potolyak, Ukraine’s fourth round of talks RussiaTo complete War In Ukraine. – Our recommendations are on the table. They are very strict. Among them, withdrawal TroopsCeasefire, he said.

In an interview with the Russian state-run newspaper Kommersant, Mikhail Podoliak said that the peace talks delegation would also discuss compensation for the devastation inflicted on Ukraine by Russian troops.

“Currently on the table Negotiation There are different projects, there are many, dozens of projects. Including a political solution and, most importantly, a military solution. That is, the ceasefire, the ceasefire agreement and the withdrawal of troops “- Bodolyak Report” Comment “Quote”Ukrainian truth“.

A married couple from Pokrovsky are suspected of treason.

He said that “after the implementation of the legal forms of personal negotiation plans, the date of the next meeting – the fourth round of negotiations” will be agreed. – It could be tomorrow or the next day [14-15 marca] – he said. Zhelensky’s adviser estimated that the agreement was between Russia And Ukraine “multi-component” and “multi-level”.

First, about ending the war. The second issue is the procedure: the speed of withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. It’s about a peace deal. How peace is provided. Here we come to the main issue of negotiations: how to guarantee the security of Ukraine and how to prevent a recurrence of the current situation

– Bodolyak was replaced. The fourth thing is to reach an agreement on this matter Compensations For damage caused by Russian troops.

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