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Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov started a discussion on the latest actions of the Russian military in his program. Ukraine. During his speech, he said that Russia was facing both NATO and “Ukrainian Nazis” – a claim repeated by the Kremlin since the start of the war.

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Russia. For the first time, propagandist Vladimir Solovyov spoke about the war in Ukraine not as a “special operation”.

Vladimir Solovyov also delivered a speech by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who announced the withdrawal of Russian troops. Chersonia. He reported that the decision to withdraw was made by General Sergei Churovikhin. The stated reasons were to save the lives of Russian soldiers and combat capability of the army.

Solovyov commented that only a “very brave man” could make this difficult decision – the portal reports. He also noted the connections Russia With NATO. – We are at war with NATO. Of course, we did not expect NATO to fight us on such a scale, he commented. Besides, broadcast on Russian TV For the first time He called what was happening in Ukraine a war, not a “special military operation.” He also stressed that the decision of the army should be respected without succumbing to sentiments. – War has its own laws. success War Takes place until an army is destroyed. It is very important not to destroy ours Army – Soloviev emphasized.

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Political scientist Elena Ponomareva opened a discussion with Vladimir Solovyov and said that Russia has already won bigger battles than the one in Kherson. He asserted that although it had lost the First World War and lost part of it, it was still powerful after the Second World War. The moderator was outraged by this statement, saying that now it is necessary to worry about the war in Ukraine, so that Russia will be great again.

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Vladimir Solovyov draws attention in US elections

One of the program’s guests noted that there had been speculation for days about the Russian withdrawal from Kherson. Solovyov said that if the Russians had backed off before November 8, they would have helped Democrats in the US, which would have worked in Joe Biden’s favor. – This is why we announced that we cannot influence the election after November 8 America – He handed over. The Russians have long been unjustifiably boasting that they have influence over the American electoral system – portal reminds.

Russian researcher Julia Davis echoed Soloviev’s words. “Russia waited until Nov. 8 to announce Gerson’s departure to ensure that leading Russian propagandists did not help Joe Biden and the Democrats midway through his term,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sergei ShoiguShoigu announces withdrawal of troops from Kherson. “This is what failure sounds like”, “Watch this movie”

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