Russian television sets were attacked by hackers. “In your hands is the blood of a thousand Ukrainians” | News from around the world

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On the morning of May 9, hackers attacked Russian television sets and the Rutube video service. Read about the company’s report “Powerful Cyber ​​Attack” and Lack of Access to the Platform.

On Victory Day, Putin could not announce victory

“Russians, you have blood on your hands”

On TVN24, Ukrainian journalist Oleh Biłecki reported that instead of reporting on the show, a message appeared in Russian on Russian television:

Russians, you have in your hands the blood of thousands of Ukrainians, including hundreds of children. Your TV is lying, don’t believe it.

Ukrainian Pravda emphasizes that this particularly refers to the interpretation of channels and TV programs of the smart TV process.

Victory Day celebration in RussiaPutin’s speech. He said there was an “unacceptable threat” at the border

Putin lied during his speech

On Monday, during a march in the Red Square in Moscow Vadim Putin He accused NATO and Ukraine of inciting war and threatening security Russia.

Already at the beginning of the speech, Vladimir Putin Refers to events that took place in Ukraine. The West is said to be preparing for an attack Russia. – Arrangements were opened for action in the Donbass to occupy our historic lands, including Crimea. In Kiev, the possibility of using nuclear weapons was discussed. The NATO camp began to actively occupy areas nearby, and the Russian president lied.

“There is an unacceptable threat to us at our border,” he added. In fact, no government has threatened Russia in an attempt to justify an illegal attack on Ukraine.

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Putin called it a “preventive attack on the occupier.” This is another attempt to justify the invasion – Ukraine is not threatening Russia in any way.

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