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About the fact that Russian soldiers will be stopped Belarus, known since the beginning of the month. On October 10, he announced the end of the Joint Regional Committee of Troops Alexander Lukashenko. The dictator then argued that the West would consider the possibility of attacking Belarus and “pulling it into war”. Let us recall that the war was unleashed in Ukraine Vladimir PutinAnd Lukashenka has supported the Russian dictator and propagated the Kremlin’s rights from the start. Propaganda. According to Ukrainian services, about 20,000 people are to be transferred to Belarus. Soldiers from Russia. October 15 Belarusian Ministry of Defense The first of them reported arriving at the scene. writes “The New York Times”Reports of Russian soldiers massing in the country ruled by Lukashenka are raising concerns among some war experts about plans to open a new front in the war with Ukraine.

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“Putin put everything on one card. He gave the generals one last chance.”

War in Ukraine. Are the Russians stationed in Belarus to disrupt arms supplies?

Although the American experts he cited “NYT” In a possible scenario to talk about the opening of a new front from the territory of Belarus, in their opinion it will not be an attack on the capital of Ukraine, i.e. Kiev It happens in the near west border Along with Poland, this would disrupt the supply of Western arms.

At the same time, experts believe Russia A new struggle cannot be undertaken on the next front. – We have to be careful, but I doubt that the Russians will be able to open another front line against Ukraine at this time, at least not a successful front – commented the Minister of Defense on Friday. Latvia Ortis Paprix. He also supports the theory that the purpose of gathering Russian troops is to disrupt arms supplies from Poland. According to him, a possible attack will certainly not be like what we dealt with in the first days of the war in Ukraine.

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War in Ukraine. The Russians set up “barracks” in the pigsty [WIDEO]

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British Ministry of Defence On Friday, they assessed that bringing Russian troops to Belarus and increasing military operations were attempts to “demonstrate Russian-Belarusian solidarity and convince Ukraine to divert forces to protect the northern border,” according to intelligence data.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Vadim Skibitsky noted that Russian soldiers stationed in Belarus are not accompanied by tanks, artillery, fuel trucks or other logistical support. In his opinion, this is another signal that the probability of an invasion from Belarus is low.

“We have no indication of imminent military action on this front,” Pentagon spokesman Gen. Patrick Ryder said Thursday. According to politicians, Belarus will most likely help Russia train before sending new troops forward into Ukraine.

Ukrainian counterattack

Ukrainian counteroffensive continues in Russian-occupied territories. On Friday, there were reports that the Russian occupiers had moved military equipment from the right bank to the left bank of the Dnieper. On Saturday, Ukrainian civil servants reported that the Russians were preparing Kherson for street fighting. Most of the city’s residents had to leave the city, and the army had to change into civilian clothes and move into the settlements abandoned by the Ukrainians. The Russians are also said to be planning to blow up the dam of the hydroelectric power plant in Kakyivka, Kherson province, in order to press charges of terrorism against Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine War Kherson ExplainerISW: The Russians are preparing a provocation on the Dnieper. “Disastrous Effects”

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The Russians are attacking energy infrastructure on a massive scale. On Saturday evening, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on residents to limit the use of electrical appliances. In Ukraine, he said, the effects of recent attacks on infrastructure are being removed. He also warned her that she was in danger.

“As of October 10, 30-40 percent of Ukraine’s entire energy infrastructure has been hit by Russian rockets. Ukraine lost 4,000 megawatts of generating capacity. Russia caused damage that will cost billions of dollars to repair,” Bore Research said. The company in its latest report.

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