Russian soldiers desert. They will fight with Putin

Ukraine has formed a war unit to gather Russian soldiers. The bomber struck shortly after noon in what is being called “Russia’s independence” and unites soldiers who risk their lives to fight Putin’s military. The formation consists of prisoners of war and volunteers, most of whom are Russian citizens. They also belong to her Those who left the Russian armySaw the “eyewitness” and the atrocities of Putin’s “special military operation.”


The three masked men held a press conference on Thursday. They talked about the “real face of the Russian occupation”. However, they did not reveal their identity to protect their family.

Brigade “Independence of Russia”

Legion fighters said there were a lot of reports from Russian volunteers. While on Ukrainian soil, they admitted that they understood the Kremlin’s lies about the war. – When I was imprisoned, I realized that it was not something special. In fact, there was a full-scale Russian invasion aimed at establishing its own rule over the territory of another country. Today, as part of the regiment, I fight not only for the end of the war, but also for the freedom of the people in my country – said one of the soldiers.

– There are Belarusian brothers in our regiment. Our battalion consists of active and retired veterans of the Russian Federation and many others. People come from different countries We have to fight against the Putin regime – He handed over to the military “Russia’s independence”. At the conference the militants called on the soldiers of the Russian army to “desert Russia one day become an independent country.”

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According to Internet users who watched the conference, one of the soldiers in the brigade was a Spetsnas officer, namely Russian commandos.

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