Russian prisoners apologize to Ukraine and urge Putin to end war

During a press conference in Kiev, Russian troops captured Ukraine called on their country’s leaders to “stop the irrational and insidious war with Ukraine,” the Ukrinform news agency reported. “There are many like us here. Sooner or later we will come home and the people will lose patience and overthrow the government that sends armed boys here as cannon fodder,” said one of the military veterans.

The conference was attended by seven spy soldiers who, after losing their military equipment in the swamp and after a brief battle with Ukrainian soldiers, decided to capture themselves.

According to the Ukrainform report, Prisoner of War Volodymyr Raskazov apologized to Ukrainian citizens “for coming here as war criminals.”

While we were in the hospital here, we heard constant gunfire from the heavy artillery of the Russian Federation, and planes bombed hospitals, schools, kindergartens and medical facilities. There was endless fire from heavy flamethrowers and artillery systems – he said.

Prisoner of war Sergei Kalkin said that troops in Russia had been told to “save civilians” in Ukraine, but that was not the case and called on his country’s leaders to stop this “terrorism.”

Our government said we need to save the public here. I would like to tell the Russian soldiers to lay down their arms. There are civilians here who do not like war. I want to tell my commander to stop terrorizing Ukraine Kalkin announced.

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Prisoner of war Serhiy Blazko believes that peaceful people are dying in Ukraine as a result of the Russian occupation, and he appeals to his country’s leaders to stop “sending soldiers here.”

I would like to say that our command is to stop sending troops here and bombing and killing innocent Ukrainian civilians. I want to hand over my command to stop the war immediately – he said.

In turn, prisoner of war Maksym Czernik issued a “deep apology to the Ukrainian people” and threatened his country’s authorities with a national uprising.

We realized that there was no fascists and oppression on the Ukrainian people. I want my colleagues to hear what I have to say – boys, lay down your arms and we will fight against a peaceful nation. I tell the commander – there are many like us, we will come home sooner or later, people will lose patience and take up arms, to overthrow the government that sends children here as cannon fodder – he said.

In this situation, we are fascists – Chernik responded to a question about how Russians feel when children are killed in Ukraine.

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