Russian police arrested Marina Ovsyannikova. The whole world knows her – o2

Photos posted on social media show Marina Ovsyannikova being taken away by police in a van. However, no confirmed information was provided about the reasons for the detention of the former journalist of the Public Television of the Russian Federation. – Marina was arrested. Information about its location is unknown – we read in the log.

Marina Ovsyannikova is detained in Russia. The world is talking about her

In mid-March, Marina Ovsyannikova made herself known to the world with a loud event as part of an anti-war protest during a news broadcast by Russian government station Pervy Kanal. Then the presenter appeared in the background with a poster bearing slogans against the war in Ukraine. The gesture still evokes emotion, and opinions are divided about the actor’s true intentions. The woman received an administrative fine and then went to Germany. According to the BBC, Ovsyannikova recently returned to Russia, explaining family circumstances and the end of a previously signed contract.

Last Friday, July 15, a journalist and activist A one-man anti-war picket in Moscow near the Kremlin.

Putin is a murderer. His soldiers were fascists. 352 children were killed. How many more babies have to die before you stop? – This is written on the poster of Marina Ovsyannikova.

Sunday’s detention may be related to the incident. However, it is not yet confirmed why the police handcuffed Ovsiannikova and where she was taken.

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