Russian officials flee en masse. “They understand what’s going on” – o2

Employees of Russian ministries and officials of Moscow City Hall are largely avoiding mobilization abroad. There are cases where employees of the Russian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Digitization or the Central Bank escaped.

Officials leave work on vacation and do not return – Lola Tagayeva, founder of the banned “Verstka” newspaper in Russia, reports in an interview with the Internet TV “Nastojasse Vremiya”.

Russian officials are fleeing abroad. “Nobody wants to fight, kill, kill”

The case also applies to employees of the Moscow City Hall. A channel run in Russia by Radio Free Europe estimates the case to be between 20 and 30 percent. Officers in some departments.

First, they go to Central Asian countries as members of the executive committee of the Russian Union Football – Narrated by Lola Tagaeva.

The journalist points out that several employees of the Moscow City Hall contacted him personally. He describes them as wanting to share their story.

No one wants to fight, kill and be killed. Unlike ordinary citizens, officials not only watch television but also have wide access to information. They understand very well what is happening, insists the editor-in-chief of a banned newspaper in Russia.

Mobilization in Russia. 82,000 were sent to the front. forcing

On Wednesday, September 21, Vladimir Putin announced a “partial” mobilization in Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. Some time ago, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had to inform the Russian leader that the mobilization was over. 82,000 were sent to fight in Ukraine. forcing.

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