Russian Nobel laureate soaked in paint. “This is for our boys”

“I am soaked in the acetone oil in the box and my eyes sting terribly.“- he changed Muradov.

Commentary and photos, showing the entire box sprayed with paint, were published in the Telegram “Novaya Cassietta”.

Muradov, the offender shouted: “Muradov, this is for our boys.” “You can smell the oil paint all over the car,” he added.

March 22 Muradov announced that he would donate his Nobel medal to the Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Fund.. A week later, Novaya Gazeta ceased operations. In Russia, a restrictive media law was introduced in March: so-called fake news of the Russian military threatening to be imprisoned.

After the closure of the Echo Moscow radio station, the Novaya Gazette was Russia’s last major independent media. The newspaper has been around since 1993, with its journalist Anna Politkovska among others. Six employees of the “Nova Gazette” were killed by their professional activities, including Politkovskaya.

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