Russian nighttime shelling of Ukraine has taken a deadly toll. The Polish command issued a statement

“Missile threat to North, South and East areas due to threat of launch of cruise missiles from Tu-95MS aircraft… Estimated time of entry of cruise missiles into Ukrainian airspace approximately 5.00 from North-East”

– we read on the Telegram channel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, it was reported that several groups of drones were moving from the southwest towards Kiev and from the northwest towards Starokonstantino.

Because of the Russian attack Six were killed and ten wounded in the cargo – Kharkov Mayor Ihor Derekov said in Telegram. He insisted that Russian drones had hit residential buildings.

Multi-storied flats and dormitories, administrative buildings, gas station and cars were damaged.

“This attack on civilians in Khartoum proves once again that Russia is a terrorist state.”

– Derekov said.

Due to Russian shelling on Ukrainian territory, After 4:00 a.m. Polish time, the Armed Forces Operations Command reported that Polish and allied aircraft were operating in the airspace.

“All necessary procedures have been initiated to ensure the safety of Polish airspace, and DO RSZ is constantly monitoring the situation,” the command assured.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. Polish time, the DO announced that “Polish and allied aviation operations in Polish airspace have been suspended due to a decrease in the threat level.”

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Source:, PAP

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