Russian Live TV failed. The Israelis did not back down – o2

Those who saw this did not expect it. State propaganda TV “Russia Today” She called one of the Russian-speaking Israeli soldiers from Russia. The show’s hosts wanted him to comment on current events in a country ravaged by Hamas militants.

How surprised journalists and spectators must have been when the Israelis greeted them with these words: “иди на хуй” (from Russian: “go to the c***j”) is the famous phrase addressed by the defenders of Snake Island to Russian sailors attacking their positions. However, it did not end, because the soldier had something to say to the Russians, not only that he was not alone, but also his friends.

They certainly won’t be happy From what the Israelites told them.

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As it turns out, the whole company has something to say to the Russians. All provided Middle fingers in denial, and everyone added the famous “go f**k” with a smile on their face. At one point, the soldier asked his dog if he wanted to say something to the audience in Moscow. ..

Meanwhile, in “Russia Today,” the behavior of the Israelis caused consternation and outrage in Russia itself. After the fighting broke out, it seemed to journalists that Russian aggression against Ukraine was trivial, that IDF soldiers would talk about the situation in the country and forget who they were dealing with.

Let’s not forget the Russian elements of Hamas planning to attack Israel and the public appearance of support for Palestine.

Israelis did not get caught up in the propaganda message and did not participate in the Russian nativity scene. In addition, they cruelly mocked their interlocutors, reminding them of the famous story of Snake Island. From the ship, the world-famous exchange of “courtesy” took place between the Ukrainian defenders and the Russian occupiers.

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This is how the Ukrainians responded to the call of the Russians to surrender and give them Snake Island in the Black Sea. Everything happened on February 24, 2022, the first day of the invasion. Missile ship “Moscow” and patrol ship “Vasily Bykov” fired at the island with deck guns supported by attack helicopters.

The Russians held the defenders of Snake Island captive for months. And the ship “Moscow”, To whom the famous sentence was addressed was no longer at war. On April 13, 2022, two ships of the “Neptune” system were damaged by missiles.

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