Russian diplomats expelled from the EU have already found jobs in Belgrade

According to an investigation published on Monday by journalists of the Serbian edition of Radio Free Europe, several Russian diplomats expelled from EU countries are employed at the Russian embassy in Belgrade.

“It is doing in Serbia what Russia did in Ukraine years ago”

Russia is doing in Serbia what it did years ago in Ukraine: It wants to gain control over it, he said during the conference on Friday, “Serbia under…

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Hundreds of Russian diplomats have been expelled from EU capitals after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with some taking jobs at the Russian embassy in Serbia, Radio Free Europe reported. Russian diplomats currently in Belgrade have previously served in Croatia, the Netherlands, Finland and Poland.

“After a wave of expulsions of diplomats from European capitals in 2022, Russia has increased the number of diplomatic staff in Serbia. Currently accredited at the Embassy in Belgrade 62 Diplomats, 54 by March 2022 Investigative journalists have noted.

In March 2022, Polish authorities announced the expulsion of 45 employees of the Russian embassy from the country. Defined as “threat to the interests and security of the country”. “Although Warsaw did not release the names of the expelled diplomats, Mikhail Generalov disappeared from the list of posts in Warsaw shortly after the report was published. Six months later, he began working in Belgrade as an adviser to the Russian ambassador, Radio Free Europe reported.

Expelled from Croatia on April 11, 2022, along with 23 other employees of the Russian embassy, ​​Aleksey Ivanenko moved six months later to a post in Belgrade, where he was promoted to second secretary of the embassy. Dmitri Barabin found himself on the “black list” of the Netherlands and was denied entry before he could undertake the duties entrusted to him by Russian diplomacy in The Hague. He is currently working as the Second Secretary of the Embassy in Serbia.

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Piotr Tolkoshein, the fourth ambassador from an EU country to come to Serbia last year – is second secretary at the Russian Embassy in Helsinki until the summer of 2022. Last April, Finnish authorities announced the expulsion of three Russian diplomats and the refusal to extend the visas of a third. However, it is not clear whether Tolkoshein is one of the diplomats affected by the Finnish authorities’ decision.

Serbian authorities continue to refuse to join international sanctions imposed on Russia in response to its aggression against Ukraine.

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