Russian about Ukrainian attacks on factories. “They Voted for Putin, They Have It”

Let's remember that on Tuesday, April 2, Russian industrial facilities in Yelabak and Nizhnekamsk in Tatarstan were attacked.. So far, this is the largest attack by Ukrainian forces from their country's borders.

Vyacheslav Zarucki, famous Russian YouTuber, commented on the attack on Ukrainians awaiting international protection in Poland. He comes from Nizhnekamsk – a city where strategic petrochemical plants are located, where many of his family and school friends work.

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In the video, the YouTuber shows his hometown on a mapHe mentioned the industrial areas where the attacks took place and the reactions of his relatives.

When Russia's invasion of Ukraine began, Vyacheslav says his relatives didn't care much about the topic. – What's more, they justified Putin's aggression. After the attack on the Crimean bridge, the YouTuber did not speak to his parents because they were fed up with Russian propaganda:

The situation changed after the attack on their factories. The YouTuber's family is now in a state of shock as the Ukrainians managed to attack so far from their own borders. Previously, they downplayed the threat due to their disengagement from the conflict and believed in Russia's defense capabilities and Vladimir Putin's omnipotence.

Vyacheslav warned his relatives at the beginning of the warIn the face of Russian aggression, expect a response from Ukraine. After the bombing of factories in Tatarstan, many loved ones held grudges against the YouTuber:

The YouTuber himself admits that he has no regrets about the Ukrainians attacking his hometown, because he firmly believes that this is the only way to open the eyes of those close to him who have been blinded by Russian propaganda. Additionally, he lashes out at the local community for voting for Putin last time Elections::

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Unlike the Russians, the Ukrainian military only targets strategic objects, he insists, and they fire drones and missiles at civilians.

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