Russia. Unannounced anti-terror drills at school. “They started shooting, Buckeye kids” | News from around the world

From October 19 schools Number 1 in Kelendzhik in the Krasnodar Territory in the south RussiaThey entered wearing masks armed Men. It was these security forces who conducted anti-terror drills at the location without warning. “They shot in front of the children with muffled weapons,” Russian media reported.

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Russia. Masked men entered the school and opened fire. They don’t warn you that it’s exercise

The students’ parents immediately reacted to the incident and were outraged by the whole situation. “People came in with machine guns and they started shooting, Children They were scared, they cried, the teachers were shocked! Half warned bellThere will be an evacuation, but no one knows that they will shoot and scare “- the parents of the children were quoted by the portal

“Who is responsible for my child today seeing a masked man shoot his teacher on the roof?” – asked the other guards.

The mayor of the city, Alexey Bogodistov, joined his parents. “I agree. This is not the time for such arbitrariness” – his words were quoted by Russian media.

Photos of similar “patriotic activities” carried out in the Moscow region were provided by the agency next. “Whereas before children were only forced to wave flags, sing songs and stand in line for the letter Z, today they throw grenades” – he wrote on Twitter.

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Russia. “Finally, students are told that this is practice.”

Russian media also reported that “masked men entered School and started firing into the air. They forgot to warn that these are exercises. Teachers and parents were only told about evacuation drills. “The video of the entire operation appeared on TV and YouTube, but soon disappeared after negative comments from the children’s parents. A part of the video was published on Twitter, showing what was happening around the school.

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The Gelendzhik City Control Center says that teachers have been informed about the measures being conducted and that all security measures and notification measures have been taken. “The situation was created by entering the educational institution armed and taking hostages. At the end of the exercise, a briefing was held for the teaching staff. The school students were briefed with the warning system. The exercise was ongoing, and they were instructed about the actions. A similar lesson took place in school No. 3 in Kelendzhik. – on social media Published.

Russia. Anti-terror drills will continue in schools

According to Russian media, similar exercises were carried out at a school in Nizhny Novgorod in September, and Kelentjik authorities have announced that more exercises will be held there in the future.

“By the decision of the anti-terrorist commission in the municipality of the city, in the academic year 2022-2023, special tactical classes in kindergartens, schools and training institutions will be held in educational institutions located in the municipality of the city of Spa. They aim to provide anti-terrorist protection to educational institutions. Managers, security guards, teaching staff of educational institutions , practicing the theoretical knowledge of law enforcement agencies, including terrorist threats,” said the Municipal Control Center.

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